6 November 2004

Saganaki Dreams

Here we are
Foreign to their world
Straight and composed
Your sermons I can do without
And I finally found that everybody loves to love you
When you're far away

So what, you may ask, is an average Friday night like in my city of warm weather eternal? Well, for one, it's toasty in so many ways, for another, well... I couldn't tell you seeing as I spend the majority off my tits in drunken debauchery with the multiple hotties that follow my every move. I have a sweet ass, I can't help it!
Apparently today, Saturday, was some holiday called Guy Fox day. It's like the fourth of July in the states, except their reason for setting off fireworks while freezing their tits off isn't as well grounded per se. Apparently, way back in the day, some random guy, let's just call him Guy, decided to try and burn the Brit's parliament to the ground. Possibly it was a good idea, maybe it was just plain assinine, I can't say cos honestly I couldn't really bring myself to entertain any sort of interest in the subject. At any rate, he, like all Scots, failed miserably much to the joy of the Brit wankers. So every November apparently, the Scots celebrate this grand failure of an event by setting off fireworks and drinking until they vomit profusely. Now maybe this strikes you as it does me, completely normal. But it is the only occasion that I know of that the Irish don't take part in but the Brits celebrate, only because they're so happy to have their fugly yellow building intact, go figure.
I personlly celebrated by going out to eat at a decent greek restaurant, still somewhat tainted by the British idea that everything different can be homogenized, such that the mousaka had a light tomato sauce over it... yeah, cos its oooooooh so normal. Nonetheless it was cheap and filling when coupled with a nice Pinot Grigio and a glass of port with chocolate gelato. I'm a lush I realize, but it's all in an attempt to prevent my expounding upon my new found hatred of all the "friends" (aka "aquaintances") I left in the states save one.
For now I shall wish you a wonderful Guy Fox day, go burn down some government buildings, blame it on me, I'm good at pissing those G-men off anyhow.

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