6 January 2005

The Compuservice Whoredom of Tomorrowhood

If the children don't grow up,
our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.
We're just a million little gods causin rain storms
turnin' every good thing to rust.

Well it too for fuckin ever but I got those sodding photos up once I reached stateside. I shortly realised that being stateside had one advantage, pirating. I shortly thereafter became physically ill in different ways depending on different days until I flew out and arrived back here to a grand Glasgow welcome of gray skies, high wind, and cold rain. You cannot possibly imagine how happy I was to return to my country. That's right, my country, Scotland, you can't have it.
But at anyrate, those photos are up, a few were just taken to relieve boredom on a few days when I decided to walk through the neighboring gardens. I don't think the queen really minded considering she doesn't come here very often at all. Just as well seeing as the place has recently been in a constant state of repair as theyve been updating the older glass greenhouses that were beginning to fall into disrepair. How they're going to replace a few of the windows in that thing is beyond me considering the curvature of the glass has to be nearly perfect.
Now some might expect me to talk or feel badly about the tragedy of the tsunami that occured, but frankly, it really never concerned me. Shit happens, all the time in fact, and as I've recently read, the small things should be attended to with the uttermost detail, the big things should be dealt with lightly. Proving further that I was right from the get go. Yes, a lot of people died, yes the remaining people are screwed, but everything has a pattern and everything works out, so why stress and whimper and whine, why pray, why do anything but that which you do best.
Bah, I'm really just killing time trying to jumpstart my memory of what it was I was gonna type considering I totally lost it in the fog that was yesterday. Being awake for 36 hours straight has a very bad effect on ones brain if I do say so. I was turning into a narcoleptic.
The end is important in all things.

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