15 April 2005

Olivier and the Mukluk Laden Swans

It takes two beers to remember now
and five to forget

Nonsense is unified in its own being, that is, it is utterly nonsense,all of it, completely. In this sense, then, nonsense makes more sense than anything rational. Rationality has trouble connecting everything to everything, just look at the wheelies that Hawking pulls trying to tie those fields down into words and numbers. But nonsense is utterly ridiculous in its every aspect and therefore immediately relates to the irrationality of everything else nonsensical ever conceived, like a child from a virgin. Don't break your brain into the eighties' frying pan and start sayin' no. With four white stallions I can chase the dreams that children do, or laugh in complete sentuality that real laughter procreates beyond the history of forgetting what we have laughed for in the past. Dunno what I've been lazy for, but I doubt it was the landslide victory of apathy over justice, got an inkling it was because she was a breach-born child tied up and wrung out feet first into the water of the world.
Stung in the wind and cooling hands we have let them sit so idly but then again, what have we waited for without a thought to despair? Artificial light tends to breakdown at the barrier of sound intensified lulls. That deadened space behind the ears just sucks around the rays, like a bending soup bowl around a spoon. Never confuse them for the plates which are flat in the middle and not dipped in toasted bits of artificial life defying lapses. Sure, it was your judgement, but they assumed you'd be more of a smart one than the health department. Sugar shakes in jars [sha-sha, kweller, sha-sha] while we google ourselves for bits of best parts. Not much to that one really.
We have been
but what difference does that mean for our making
connections in injunct colostomies
its a matter of cracking that source code, and leave Dan "fuck me I'm an idiot" Brown out of it all. Writing does not make a writer, art does not make a learned man. With no point or perspective its like climbing the wool on an inverted slide, pegs in hands and fumbling buttons on bras, etc etc etc etc... etcetera. [period asshole]
None comes at first and its a clay tap for water spicket. I like cake too you know. Jammiedodgers and cake.
You think its that easy, just stomach to brain to central logical unit of amassed whateverness, but I can't imagine an amassed logicalness thats ever more logical enough to ponder cake continually.
So I like cake. No really, I like cake.

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