15 July 2007

A Dame and Erlichia-matosis

Here I see a shadow
It's a flicker 'round your mouth
Are you laughing at me or with me?

Every doppelganger knows when its too warm. The blister paint stick peel of a twin pan-fried egguardo coming climactic at critical temperature. With a slowly psyche split gone two-shoed strings; we'll see if mobius is certain
if not true.
If you can keep up, if you can keep up if you can keep up if you can keep up I'll see you on the other side in the house we threw
across the river, across the twilight city, across the land
that is
buffalo horns and woman's breasts rising
And I'll sidle up to you all cheeks and skin, cheeks and skin, and you'll vascillate with something
quixotic, danger overcame. There'll be an "oh my my" and an "my oh my."
And I'll eat my tail
eat my tail
so the music can play on; just me
Edith Piaf
and a light so young...

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