26 September 2004

Oops We Made a Mistake

So what if you catch me where would we land
In somebodys life for taking his hands
Sing to me hope as shes thrown on the sand
All of your worth is rated again

We came in search of intelligent life, oops, we made a mistake. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here thus far. The older locals, seasoned and humorous as they are, are also very inviting, very warm. It makes my life a bit easier to be able to be afforded this sort of banter and environment, but it is only, unfortunately, isolated to cabs. Here by far the people have yet to lose the art of taxi small talk. I'm genuinely optimitstic about this fact. However, it seems that I may never escape the overwhelming amount of stupid/cliquey people that seem to be spawning. My first meeting, first meeting!, of the vet students and profs I end up with the pratish teeny bopper skanks from london sitting next to me complaining about being hungover on a Monday morning. Well, no shit, this is why you normally try to not imbibe that much the night before a meeting. Duh.
I'm even less hopeful considering an overwhelming number of the students in my program are fresh out of high school. That's right, 18 year olds. Yippee. Woo. See in the UK the veterinary program is considered a bachelors course, ie I'll graduate with what's known as a BVMS here, but in the US its known as a DVM. A DVM here is equivalent to a doctorate. Soooo that means I'm stuck with multiple banes of existance.
Things looked up when I attended matriculation and ran into five American vet students three of whom are living just upstairs. Pretty cool, though I'd prefer to meet more international types, I'd settle for these people for the time. I mean they are my age or a couple yeas older. But oh wait, they only hang out with each other, cos its too much to ask that on the way out they slam on the door. Meh, they're like the rest of the lot in the states, only worried where their next cocktail is coming from, never really up for having an adventure or playing cards.
So the curse lives on, unthwarted by change of pace and scenery. Too bad I'm not more patient because apparently by the time I turn 30, everyone will be more attuned to my way of life. But where does that leave me in 10 years exactly? Blah blah blah, life goes on and Corky will always be retarded like everyone else. Get on the bandwagon, people. I'm this close to taking the path to meglomaniacal world domination. All I gotta do is train me some dolphins, maybe an orca or two.
In lighter, non-judgemental news, I woulda posted some pictures of the botanic gardens that reside next door, but alas, the network connection isn't letting me connect to the software needed to do it. But by xmas I'll get them up, especially the psychotic squirrel photo, it's a classic.

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