28 September 2004

A Little Wanker, Please

You say I'm blind
I think you're wrong
Harriet's got a song

It's really cool and all that American culture has become pervasive throughout many other continents, though at times it seems a rather ill planned ego massage to certain types and breeds a lot of hoity-toity and aloof types (yes I said hoity-toity get over yourself), but I have one question. Did the bad fashion have to come, too? I when did those stupid fuzzy running suits become cool, they weren't cool where I lived, and when did mens stupid fuzzy running suits become the thing to wear. I'll grant the women's some leeway, I mean I saw them but not at clubs like here and not in the numbers I see them. But guys, come on now, what happened to good ol jeans and a nice J Crew shirt. Fuzzy jumpsuits? Why? I mean the only people that really wore these type of things back in the states, well at least the only women, were the ones that just though they were funny and wore them around the house, or the more tragic ones thought themselves thuggish eye candy and wanted to ride on someone's g-unit. Yeah, um.... yeah. Well. Maybe, and this is the only room I'm granting them, just maybe, it's because they want to identify with their African-American heritage. Well, ok, fine. Wait, waaaaaaaaaaaaait. I have no real problem with anyone of AfAm descent (shortened cos I'm lazy, not disrespectful), but seriously, when was it ever cool to idolize people in prison or once in prison. Isn't that kind of non-progressive, if not regressive and completely idiotic. Sure, there was a great plight, but I'd to think people would rather idolize King (who by the way went to jail, I realize, but oh wait, it wasn't for killing someone, thats right, obviously he can't be idolized cos he didnt stick the man, rather he stuck it to the man). So, its a sensitive topic, but maybe just all of you, all of you, not jsut some being refered to as all, are a bunch of buttholes. And I'm a buthole, too. But so are you, so butthole butthole butthole butthole. Hehe, butthole. It becomes funny after saying like 20 times, HA, butthole. Well, alright buttholes, I'm gonna go be a butthole and where my boxers on my head and socks on my hands, cos I had a friend once who did that after he got out of prison.

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