3 October 2004

The Man of La-Munchy

Get me high, you blow my mind
You make my mundane life all worth while
You give me reason, give me rhyme
Do anything for you just, give me a sign
Movie star, dunno where you are

Sod it. Yes it sounds mean, but it's my new favorite thing to say when I'm piss drunk in a pub. It's kind of funny that no matter where I go I manage to find people that greatly resemble people I left behind. I've met a rather large man, though only as young as me and with much more hair and a less crafted taste in alcohol and film, but still, the love of cloves can only point to that other person. And then there's the short blonde, true to her hair color when tipsy, she's got the same build, well nearly so, and the same sort of humor as another person. WEIRD. Just friggin disturbing. More so is the fact that the interplay is almost exactly as that I left behind. The same sort of verbal exchanges and random interjections, not to mention the more than explicit sexual inuendo. It's brilliant. I bought maybe 6 drinks on the night but somehow drank more than 10 myself... I dunno how it happened, I blame it on me buying rounds early on in the evening at around 5 when people first began arriving, and then everyone else buying later on in the evening, around 7, when I was hitting my stride of being completely knobbed. It's a great feeling to pass out at 10 and wake up at noon, and of course no one here thats local thinks a thing of you being totally inebriated because for the most part they are, too. The cabbies still make the quiet conversation, but this time you're more than able to understand on the first go and you make him feel at home because the accent comes out so fluidly much like the drool once youre curled up in bed toasty in the 40 degree room. Too bad that I will probably not enjoy such forays that much this coming term. Much to do most days of the week with classes beginning at 9 most days. And then xmas, well while being my favorite holy day, only because the gifts and snow (yes I'm shallow, get over yourself or just shut your sodding mouth), will be spent with family and then back here trying to lay the ground work for my lambing hours to be done come my spring break. That's right, I don't get to enjoy my month of freedom come march until next year, unless I get otherwise slagged as far as plans go. And finally there's the summer, much like the spring this summer is going to be mostly a thing of enjoyment on a farm. I hopefully will find a brilliant apartment and just stow the lot of shite there while I spend 10 more weeks aside from the 2 I spend lambing in the spring doing things to do with the smart pigs, and the dairy cattle, and something of some sort else. Hopefully this will let me enjoy my next 3 years after in hobnobbing and snogging with the local goddesses as opposed to chopping up the little bleaters and such rot. For those who are coming next year, perhaps a better plan is for one of my holidays when I can be more of a guide in the better ways to spend ones time.
As for my current form of entertainment seeing as I tend to get isolated by the whole "I don't know you so I'm not going to bothering contacting you" thing (though the few that I live with that do this are in no way people I'd enjoy a regular visit from per se, they, too, are similar to people I've known and long since lost contact with due to their egos becoming very similar to the metlife blimp), it tends to come from my preordained media center called my laptop and mostly takes the form of episodes of Invader Zim (great cartoon, brilliantly thought out) and a wonderful show called Coupling (better than Friends because the comedy is far superior). Trust me, watch Coupling at least once, preferably the later episodes like season 2 or 3, you'll get hooked and understand. They sell the DVD's for christsake, just go buy them ya prats. And although back in the states you bollock-driven cods are eating dinner, I here must abed, with of course my girlie girl, who's far better looking than all of you. Don't doubt it. You can never know the beauty my imagination can create. But oh, you will, when I rule the world! (Pinky & the Brain theme plays in the background)!!!!!!! <-- extra thingies for emphasis of super cool more betterness

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