16 July 2004


Relief from muscular pain
And my faint heart beats away
Are my hands on the controls

INSOMNIA!!!  Of course it's self-imposed, silly, because I have nothing better to do than think of everything that's occured in the last 10 years or so.  No most people worry, I can say I do as much, but this for the most part is not at all the source of sleeplessness.  On the contrary, it may indeed have a slight bit to do with it, but the majority of the situation is due to what I have come to term as memory backwash.  Now exercise with me if you will, your memory.  Do you recall almost everything you've done today, yesterday, if you think hard enough even last week?  If you can then you're a freak and welcome to my world.  The moment my mind hits el pillow, it tends to wander and should it sniff out something in the ol memory and begin to replay the entire incident, well all psychological hell breaks loose.  This is what I get for being an empath with a photographic memory (what's really cool is I can also smell/taste/feel while recalling, creepy yes, but not so creepy as my dreaming the future).
But what am I doing complaining.  Why would you the incompetant and oft disputably illiterate reader want with my two cents about my own problems.  If its misery you want for company, well just remember this, I'm sadistic, so go find your damn misery somewheres else.  This not able to sleep isn't all bad, considering I'm working on my second spindle of pirated CD's in one week.  It's safe to say I'm an addict to new music.  I stumbled upon The Reindeer Section, you all should immediately look into them, they rock, but not harder than Tracy.  (Oh how I wish I had my music box now, ALAS!)  Ocean Colour Scene and Stereophonics are pretty swank too, but again, don't take my word for it.  Oi, I can see this is shaping up to be a rather unentertaining bloggit doodle.  I'd mend it, but I have to mend my pants first, but then I'd have to actually buy pants to mend.  Do you follow?  Hmm, well, maybe you are a bit less dodgy than I first expected. 
I see they've made this all the more confusing albeit easier for those less accustomed to HTML.  Well, phlagrngit to them I say.  Though I can now upload a nice image just for shits and giggles... I'll make it a pic of what I'm looking for.  If any of you happen to find it, just point me in the direction.

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