24 July 2004

Before You Go on Home

Are you so lonely
you don't even know me
but you'd like to stone me

The neuroticism has passed to a great extent seemingly after a few confrontations last night. Very cathartic in a forked tongue sort of manner. It was so wondermous in fact, that I slept the whole night and even woke up early enough to go do more paperwork for the retards that are hiring me. Spectacular. I delight in how much I enjoy tearing people new ones, especially justly doing so. Mmm. At any rate, it was needed, and so was the frosty I just ate. My diabetes said "no", but my choco region of my brain said "who the finizzle are you"? I'm weak, I realize these things.
What's really cool, and probably also contributing to my mood swing is the change of season. Now you're saying, "what change of season?" or, "it's the middle of summer, and my dangley thingies are sticking together". But there's a change. I actually just smelled it outside, the smell of crunchy leaves and cool evenings to come. Mmm, autumn. Now I get to look forward to getting stronger. Yeah all mentally and emotionally and crap, but also physically. My body is on an archaic cycle it seems, which has nothing to do with zodiac or anything, seeing as I'm a fire sign, these should be my strong months. Further proof for you astrology weirdos that horrorscopes are useless. But at any rate, its a circadian thing, kinda like sex drives, only mine is vastly different and seemingly feral in nature. Spring throws all things off balance and apparently my testosterone goes through the roof, or so my physician has noted in my blood work (every 3 months or so it gets done, if I remember), it then plateaus at a high level for summer before dropping off for autumn and hitting an all-time low for winter, not that it fails to exist mind you. The same goes for my strength, though, I tend to gain muscle and feel leaner and stronger during the autumn and winter, contrary to most circadian or natural rhythms or cycles, but then again it is my most active time of year. And unlike most people, SAD only affects me in the summer, go figure.
Yes, I belong in a zoo. I realize this and once I have the time to waste, I'll live in one until I get bored. It'll be bloody brilliant.
I've decided on my housing for this coming year as well. I'll bite the bullet and risk a self-catered suite where I'll get my own bathroom and such. It'll be a pain because I hate sharing a kitchen to people who can't cook or don't clean their mess, but I'll have my own bloody shower still. This dorm, too, allows people to stay overnight as long as they sign in at the front desk for fire safety purposes, which is an improvement from the catered dorm I was looking into originally that, due to the amount of underclassmen, disallowed overnight guests (now children, no hanky panky... If I hear any slap and tickle you'll get a demerit). Not that my social life in the sheets needs this sort of room or anything, but I like to give myself any advantage possible, it's just good business to be prepared for the "business", ya know. Well, I should get to sleeping soon seeing as I have a small amount of celebrating to do tomorrow with some friends. I've been waiting for people to be free to go do stuff, but that never happened, so I pulled some strings and called in the A squad, so as to rock out in the right fashion (ie. low key, small group, witty crowd, no flakes). Look out, Wink, I'm coming to hit up the beer list once again, how I've missed thee!!!

Quote of the Moment: "I didn't think she was born, I thought she just congealed in a gutter somewhere."

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