22 July 2004

Whatever I Want, Gosh!!!

To the night another body
To the night another name

I hope yall liked my little joke with the cat and the cackling, yeah it was pretty swank I thought. In other news, the great and powerful letter arrived from Glasgow allowing me to finish my aplication for a visa (ejector seat) so I can be this much closer to screwing you all and going over mnyah. That's right, I said, you festering dewberry.
Now with your extra free time that I know you've all accumulated since I first made the decision to remove the horrible catalyst of problems named Ben, you should all venture out to the nearest theater and see Napoleon Dynamite. It is by far the most bestest movie I've seen since Saved (I'm filled with Christ's love (throws bible)). I could expound on its greatness, but I could in no way do it justice. Now I must be getting back to making that big bag of liver spots for you all. Then it's off to your mom's house for a little evening "refreshment".

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