19 July 2004

If You're Feeling Sinister

See that idiot walk
See that idiot talk
See that idiot chalk up his name on the blackboard

Sooooooooooooo I filled all my cd cases once again. Eight hundred thirty-two and no hundreths CD's. Thought I'd type that one out for ya just to piss yall off (why the hell did he make me read all that when all he had to type was 832). No, seriously I know what you're thinking, it's a gift. But I seriously spent an entire week burning CD's night and day, from Scottish indie to trance techno to American ambient, I have soooo many titles it'll tittlate your ear (no not like Kelly, cuz no one's that good). For the most part I've been utilizing good ol DC++ and my vpn action to campus to exploit the poor users on i2hub. However, what I can't find I merely jack from the local government (thanks public library, hey FBI, try and stop that shite, jackasses).
It's not that I hate the government, I'm not anarchist... oh wait, yes I am. I hate the government, but over and above that, I hate musicians like Metallica. Hmm, we have billions of dollars in cold hard cash, what else do we need... how about more cash and some blow. Lars, you go get the blow and bash kids heads in for downloading our music because you're more believable as a psychotic. See, I can understand if you're a poor struggling musician, but with all respect, if that's you then I highly doubt you'll be losing that much money to little kids and mp3's. Hello, rich jackasses, if you're sooooo worried about money, why don't you create music that doesn't suck and is original. And how about you spend more than 4 months out of rehab at a time and release an album more than once every 20 years. That could be a start. So yeah, until you record asses stop pretending like CD production is an expensive industry and cut prices in half, then yeah, I'm gonna pirate like no other and buy only those albums that I know the money is well spent on (hello indie rockers). Did yall know that the 26 or so bucks you spend on a CD usually goes to pay for its marketing, the CD itself normally only costs like upward of 2 dollars to make. The studio production is all funded by the bands (there go the tic prices). Fight the man. He sucks and I do not like him.
But I've gotten away from myself. I hate the government and in specifics, the bible thumping government that represents itself and ideals that are far beyond human ability. And now I hear about this group that's all sorts of pissed at Macy's because they refuse to say merry xmas in their commercials and such. Um, may I just say wtf? No, seriously, wtf? I mean in 20 years Australia is still gonna be all like wtf? See it's this type of person that causes such problems with censorship because they're the people that forget you can turn the radio off. They argue that this whole thing is taking the christ out of xmas so to speak. Am I wrong or is it really a parental issue, or more precisely a family value issue. The only reason commerical marketing has an effect is because the family often over-commercializes the holiday to begin with (ie. spoiled brats with big gifts). The control is in your hands, you can't blame smart people for finding the loop holes and lapses you created jackass. Get out of my mall and stop killing trees with your damn pamphlets, or I'm gonan go call Greenpeace on your waspy ass. The Jewish folk complain all the time and with good reason, do you listen to them. Of course not, because PC is only bad when it hits you upside the head.
So as you can see I hate everyone, even you. Ok, I tolerate you and you, and you're just dumb but malleable, oh and you, well you're just fun to make fun of, so I can't hate you. But I hate you all! Go get jobs or something, stop hanging around my store all the time. Git! You punks with yer drugs, and then the whores come into town. Buy the groceries this week, no I think I'll spend the money on the whores! I really don't know where I'm going with this, because if there are people I do like, it's gotta be the whores. Keep at it ladies, the rest of you, well you just make me sick.
I'll be damned if I didn't just create something beautiful here, because if I didn't I probably just crapped myself.

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