14 July 2004

Trollin' Trollin' Trollin'

I know I don't understand how they forget
how some will just pass us by
and take whay they can get

Yes I do think I will make a small habit of wasting time writing tiny little blogisms in the middle of the day as an attache to the blogism containing the notification of ramifications of my acceptification (?). In other words, just to annoy you, I'm gonna tell you I did a whole lot in a little time just so I could sit on my ass and grunt at the idiocy of reality tv. Which reminds me: if you haven't seen it, its just awesome.
So I found out that above and beyond ye ol county clerk of courts needing to be involved, I have to take my pretty lil ol' copy down to the state capital and have yet another government authority stamp and initial it. When will the madness end!
AAA informed as well that buying a one way ticket is far more expensive than roundtrip, which makes me wonder, why am I paying twice as much for half the flight time as those getting twice the flight time? Did I miss something here. Is it somehow more expensive to fly me there, but absolutely free to fly me back? I'm a little confused on this. The new upside I discovered today is I get to purchase hundreds of dollars of transformer equipment to power my electronics that were made here in the US of assholes. I always delight at the thought of accidentally crippling the infrastructure of electrical power, it makes me giddy. But now I must check student universe to see if I can find a cheaper flight leaving around the 20th. Otherwise I'm gonna have to sell my left arm to pay my way over and then act as a gigolo to local females to pay off everything else. No downsides there as you can see.

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