9 July 2004

Play It Again Sam

Next door the tv's flashing
Blue frames on the wall
It's a comedy of errors, you see
It's about taking a fall

So what does one without a job do per se during the day whilst the rest of the world leads active, productive, mediocre lives? Why of course pirate CD's galore from classic Brit punk like The Clash to the more fun loving Irish punk of The Dropkick Murphy's to the brilliance of Scottish indie rockers The Reindeer Section, and let's not forget Bif Naked, those wacky Canadians, or At the Drive-In or The Von Bondies. Yeah I'm a freak, but most of the world is, deal with it and let's move along. Not only have I been abusing the wonderful world of vpn in order to gain access to these materials, but the public library has even aided in my quest for some of the music I've long been trying to get my hands on. In fact my current request number in there system is idling somewhere around 30 albums. Now this added to the current number of 650 titles I already possess, makes me one hell of a music pack rat. If you have any suggestions of bands, just send em my way, they'll get tacked on to my list and if I have money I'll actually buy it if I like it, if I have no money I'll burn it if I like it, and if I hate it, well then I just delete it. No harm, no foul.
I've also been watching a number of movies as well as Flying Circus episodes repeatedly. Playing them over and over and over again. Mostly because I simply love certain movies. Im Juli being one of the few on my very bestest favoritest list of movies I ever liked. Waterworld I'm afraid never made it to that list, such a shame I suppose. Wait, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiit.... nevermind, if you miss the goddamn sarcasm it's your own fault.
Other than that, in accordance with the laws of updating people on all that my meager life encompasses, I can only tell you that I have done nothing short of drive around pointlessly and walk around at blockbuster and the park and the block. Yup, exciting ain't it. Why I bother to type anything is beyond me seeing as I've yet to be thoroughly entertaining, and since my more thought-provoking and poetical prosaic styles of writing are greatly unappreciated by most of the people I've come in contact with, I'm forced to spare you all of that as well. Unfortunate, really, I am damn good at those things. But here we shall start a poll. All those in favor of reading something more prosy/poetic/thoughtful (albeit happiness and lightheartedness not guaranteed). See that kanji, yeah that one, to the right, no that's your left, your other right, there ya go. Yeah, click that see how it takes you to your email, goooooooood. Just type out something witty and in response to the poll, or just something witty that I can plagiarize for my own peace of mind and send it. Thus I will have something more better than do syntax to create. I know, I'm a creep. You could even say I'm a weirdo, what the hell am I doin' here. I don't belong here. I should copyright that, seeing as I just made it up on the spot, right here. No, seriously I did. Fiiiiiiiiiine don't believe me, but you'll be the first to be beaten off my huuuuuuge gates when I'm rich.

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Liz said...

I was home today with the stomach flu and have spent hours watching VH1 Classic, so walking around the block sounds like mad fun to me.