24 June 2004

Frooble Is So a Word

Through the storm we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more

So I was paddling in a paddleboat, and then it occurred to me, it's called a paddleboat cos you have to paddle. I was totally and inconceivably stunned. But then I wasn't even prepared for the next revelation, mainly being that paddling is stupid, especially in the middle of Lake Erie. So, I had to wait until the current took me back to shore.
Yes, I realize that was lame, but I think I drained all the funny out of myself, not to mention all the social intelligibility (although minute as it was), and all the sarcasm (which is quite a feat considering the massive amount of smart ass genetics I have encoded somewhere in my euchromatin, yes I said euchromatin) that I had in the last few days. I only have one more shocking revelation to reveal. No, not that hot dogs are often not hot and not made of dogs, though that did get the best of me at one point, rather the selection of audio/video as well as fiction in the local library circulation is extremely subpar for the size of the city not to mention the amount of people living in the city. Apparently this is due to the facts of financial trouble in the municipal government, lack of county support, and lack of private donations. I mean, Toledo, hole of all cities, has a vastly better selection of all materials, and thats sayin a lot for Toledo.
At any rate being as bummed as I am, I shall end here and go find some sort of distraction while waiting for people I don't even know to stop waging their little private wars against me, because apparently I've been plotting their demise since I met them. Who knew? It could be my big chance to ruin a good portion of yet another person's life and maybe get hired as a mercenary to infiltrate governments and destroy them from within using my given skills and kinship with the devil. So, I'm off to delight in their life sucking, because apparently that's what I do, or so everyone seems to think.
Oh, P.S. I got my yellow notepad back, this means little to most people, but I mean, yellow notepads are the coolest thing since buttered orange wedges.

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