7 June 2004

Your Breath Smells Like Feet-uses

See me crumble and fall on my face
And I know the mistakes that I've made
See it all disappear without a trace
And they call as they beckon you on
They say start as you mean to go on
Start as you mean to go on

I assume (read: making ass of you and me) by now that the majority of people who read this (yeah the whole 2 if 2 is even a viable number) are thinking that I have waaaaaaay too many posts for such a young blog. But there are so many things about me that are oversized and unseen that I don't feel this a fair comparison at all. Mostly the massive number of posts now ranging around at 6 I believe not oncluding the drafts that you can't see, are a result not of some childish excitement and eagerness to explain the world as seen by me or through me or from my intestinal track, rather it's just a plain fact that at any point in time there is far too much mental activity floundering around up in here and with the recent 22 year trend of ladies not being all up ons, I have no better way to quiet the little voices and keep my idle hands from troubling activities. This probably all seems very silly, though, jsut downright crazy, but then again I only slept for 2 hours last night so who knows where I get this schizophrenia from. Did I say schizotypia, no.. good. At any rate I hope you the two readers are at least confused or slightly entertained by this point, otherwise I've failed in life. I will say this. I ahor the internet for its depersonalization. IM took the place of phone calls, then forums took the place of IM, and now this very medium takes the place of real emotional content in communication with those we care about. Instead we would rather lay out nearly every personal detail unto the open market for anyone to read, sometimes never once alliwing our closest friends to know the very same details. This seems to make no sense in a world that causes families to drift farther apart physically and emotionally because a secure and loving environmant is never created instead of creating media that brings us together we only enable ourselves to grow farther and further apart. But who am I to talk. The last of my kind as it were, yet I am the most distant from all that I was raised upon: no values, morals, beliefs, religion, kinship. It's funny I suppose in just that off sense of peculiar that I for a long time feared most the people that held all those things so dear, they had something to fight for, something to protect. If i only I lived in Gross Pointe, I would make a hell of a mercenar for the CIA, but only because it'd be an adventure. Well, that and I could definitely take out Barney "accidentally". Stupid purple dinosaurs, I mean seriously have you ever seen a purple reptile, remebering salamanders and newts aren't reptiles.
Anyway, there's some good stuff to come, a few posts on reserve for when I feel like I need to feel creative again, not that that ever ends. One can stem the tide I spose. The one on yes and no questions was sort of a fluke as well as the reactonary posts and movie vomit. You'll have that in boredom and isolation. But I have much to do, like thank you notes and packing. One way or the other I'm out of this hell hole before the end of summer.... cus I'm the wanderer/Yes, I'm the wanderer/I go around and around and around and around.
Ha, oh I hurt myself I laugh so much, oh my sides... get me a doctor, no seriously my diabetes just slid across the floor and won't go back in, stupid pancreaseseseseses, or is it pancreai. Maybe I should go to bed now...

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