15 June 2004

Wouldn't You Like to Know

Got no place to go
But there's a girl waitin' for me down in Mexico
She's got a bottle of tequila
A bottle of gin
And if I bring a little music I could fit right in

Due to the so-called "negativity" of posts the previous blog, or at least the majority of it has been moved to another site (just try and find the site, you commie, pinko, fascist bastaads!). I didn't mean to pop anyone's positivity bubble per se, but dammit if I'm just not optimistic and tend to be way too grounded in reality.
In other news, I have a new ream of printer paper, but nothing to print. Such issues may be resolved soon if I decide to join that whole restaurant fax menu thingy people do. Then again, I don't eat out much (except your mom, booyah!) so it really would just be a waste of useful and pretty paper. Well, I've got better things to do than sit here, like sitting in the living room and watching tv.

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