23 June 2004

Midnight Chickie Nuggies

You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by

I could be all negative-like because I can safely say that although Lost in Translation is a fantastic follow up to the 100 greatest movie songs, it is in no way scintillating with comedic inspiration, lemme tell ya. At any rate, I have no inspiration other than the realization that I'm in many ways similar to a small elf. No I don;t have disadvantaged appendages, but I come by night and do entertaining things online: NANANANANANANANANA BLOG ELF! (I have no idea where that came from.)
So the story is I could've been spending all day brewing up an elaborate blog entry to tickle whatever of yer parts may be in need of tickling. If they're below the waste and you're female, then I'm that much more happier to tickle you in that way that makes most people go "ooo". But I didn't do that. I was too busy napping and thinking of all the things I should be doing while watching Pimp My Ride and other random daytime programming brought to you by the boob toob. So for this I apologize, and will immediately commit hari kari. Whilst doing so, I will endeavor to right the wrongs of the world via my sardonic and ironic, not to mention completely filthy, mind.
But to keep some sort of organization I'll continue on with a previous idea, that is that I should be ruler of the world. Now this may seem completely self-centered, biased, self-serving, and selfish, but I assure you it is only for the good of me. Forgive me if I pause for an extended length of time, with my bowels on the floor it is awfully hard to keep moving. At any rate, I can safely say that the length of this entry is not at a permittable level to end and go to bed, even though there at least 2 women still waiting there for me. Oh, I've begun to hallucinate, that's a good sign right?
I did watch Open Range last night, which I must say is the best Western since Unforgiven, though not better, not to mention the best Kevin Costner flick since umm, well, whew, Waterworld? wait no umm, The Postman? wait no, has he had a good one? Oh, duh, Field of Dreams because James Earl Jones is the man. But seriously, it takes a good flick to run up against Eastwood directing and acting, not to mention a good cast. I feel woozy, ha, woozy, that's not a word... silly english language. Ooo, there are smiley faces and snowmen on the wrapping paper... wheeeeeeeeeee. Uh oh, my hands are red, perhaps I should be using gloces whiles typinhg on thekeybpat. Ohewe;;l.
I knwpi I had a higher poit to afresd todayt, cantremefwl. Hmml. mn bn m. Whoa, passed out there for a second. Damn hari kari. By the way, bellinnis are awesome, tell everyone to get a bellini machine, they're great, or so I'm told by Scott Woods who found one in his garage.

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