6 June 2004

A Gray Tabby Interview

All of us, we are overexposed to the idea that
Happiness is for the good

...when its only for cats.
I really have no inspiration for such a post as this. Life moves slowly and uneventfully when there's little to do but wake up and fall asleep to wake up and fall asleep and maybe for once dream. I've been watching people carefully for some time now, waiting for who knows what, but something is definitely captivating about them. Sometimes it seems it's just the way they move, lumbering or sliding or dancing, all hippy or swagger-like, sometimes the duck-footed are the most entertaining. Grace I think has lost it's true nature in most people's eyes as they wait for some innate extraordinary beauty to just exude from the everyday normal, but we can't all be cats in this way. As I said, no real inspiration. I sat by the window for somewhere near an hour the other day just to see the traffic and smell the freshcut grass. The birds seemed to enjoy my prescence tucked behind a screen hunched over and looking down while they could merely flit away. The people never seemed to pleased always waiting for a flash of color change from the monochrome world they stare straight ahead and obey. Never questioning a damn thing. It's tiring to watch such simple creatures, which of course led to me making the drastic decision to unlazy myself and move to the couch and curl up with the afghan. Of course when you have no job there's never anything interesting on television so I spent hours on end absorbing repeats of trading spaces and movies seen at least twice previously. If my brain weren't already so small I'd say that I caused significant damage to it, but how would I know as it is.
I did have a brief thought at one point the other day, it even seemed significant but then I lost it somewhere between the kitchen stove and the water bottle not to mention the stupid plastic brown mousey looking thing that I stepped on in the hall. So easily distracted am I. I sat with the cds out watching as they flipped past shiney and circular like a little feestival of lights, but I couldn't settle on one or two or three. Again a side effect of utter boredom is just this sense of indecision, that and the laziness sets in. Alas, If only their were more faucets constantly running...
Who knows, when I woke up I decided against any movement from bed til at least mid afternoon, of course food ruined that. But perhaps I'll make up for it soon with a nap, just hop into the hammock and pass out for awhile with the tv on and the window open, I'll be all set. Maybe today the window will have something more to show than normal, or maybe I'll just venture outside. That is, if I can make it out the door and not get caught this time.


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