26 June 2004

Coin Laundry Adjunct

I can hear the birds,
Singing to me outside.
Talk to cats, for a while.
Try so hard to turn her life inside out.
Everyone knows when to smile.
But I don't see too much these days
'Cause i don't want to.
"Let me go" she said
And I'll find it.

The brilliance of the seldom heard but oft misunderstood Mogwai lyrics. Go-go, shoo-shoo, find them, go now, listen, yall be better people afterwards. Mmmmmmmmm-MOGWAI
\m/ (><) \m/

And now for something completely different:

my new scotsman on a horse fetus, no you can't pet him
he's very sensitive about his tartan and tam

In other news The Punisher is badass and second only in badassness to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, but sadly you suck. Unfortunately, Skippy, my scottish fetus, and I must go amuse ourselves in other ways, mainly sexy parties.

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