3 June 2004


Gentleman caller in the blue suede shoes
He don't know what to do
He just wants to look good for you

It's been a long week to say the least and yet its not even the end of Wednesday. I have nothing really to do with this entry except to apologize ahead of time for not making this more of your run of the mill journal. But I don't believe there to be anything wrong with this. I've read some of the random entries others post about their boredom between classes or avoiding work, etc, etc, and it never ceases to make me wonder how few people really have hobbies or some such thing. Creation is hobby, isn't it. Probably more of a past time than anything else since it is beginning to fall by the wayside and become and older tradition of those who actually preferred to experience life rather than merely read of others experiences or worse yet watching tv to gain some sort of insight into experiences. I'm supposedly not old, nor am I truly young, but I can already see that some things are never going to last as long as I would like them. And as most people say of these things, I will probably forget about it at some point in the near future. Until The New Yorker emails me back, I really have nothing better to keep my mind spry and out of the gutter.

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Kristen said...

There is nothing wrong about having your mind in the gutter.