21 June 2004

Wish I Was Travelin' on a Freeway

I wanted the ocean to cover over me
I want to sink slowly without getting wet
Maybe someday I won't be so lonely
And I'll walk on water every chance I get!

Gonna set fire to this city and down in the desert we're gonna ride, time and time again. So sue me, I got stupid lyrics stuck in my head. It's better than that song from back then Butterfly Kisses or whatever it was, oi, I wanted to spew nut out my nose on that one. My best advice, go listen to Apocalypse Please and reeducate yourself on Muse.
But this isn't the point believe it or not, because have I ever really begun any of these mostrocities with the point. No, of course not, I could put someone's eye out, dur! Pay attention, over hear, there ya go, now focus, goooooooooood. I'm quite sure that by now you are veritably sure that I have some sort of ADD or ADHD or ASHDTV or just schizophrenia. I might, but that's not the point either. "What is the point?" you may ask, and for that I have one answer. You know those itches you get right in that spot on your back that you cant possibly reach because it's just not anywhere you can possibly contortion yourself into reaching? Yeah, those suck a lot. But no, that's not my answer at all, what were you thinking? Why ever would I be frank when my name isn't anything resembling Frank's. I'd rather get some exercise and run around the entire point, and maybe by the end of the summer I'll look like Fabio minus the ugly nose and face, and well the giant nipples. No, seriously, I will, you watch, and marvel, it'll be sweet like cherry pie. Mmm, cherry pie with a side of your mom... This is just further proof that my sleep schedule is all sorts of cracked out and whacked off or up or some direction not proper or kosher (because everyone knows that Jewish people sleep better?). Considering I stay up til 3 or 4 most nights and get up at noon or maybe a lil' earlier if I'm lucky, this would seem quite obvious. But what else am I to do with my day besides work and sit around. I'm running out of ideas. I mean if I had money I totally would be one of those guys who spends an entire day at a strip club just because they're lonely 70 year olds with no life. I could live that way, I find no down sides. I could even be the bum in the alley passed out from too much malt liquor, but I'd like to think that I have a little too much class and dignity for that. Well, ok, maybe not dignity, but I really don't like sitting in my own filth, all these years of showering once every 12 to 24 hours has kinda spoiled me I guess.
And now that I've made my point, and possibly even made you laugh in the process or at least roll your eyes in that way that's like 'oh god he didn't' when indeed I did, I will go and vegematate in front of the television for a while and brew up another spectacular entry to both sicken you and make you narf and zoit more than any human should. Because I know, it is inordinantly taxing to be such a boob as me, or is it I? Only the Scarlett Pimpernel knows.

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